ZeosDBO 6.5.1-alpha released

ZeosDBO 6.5 continues 6.x branch by adding new valuable functionality into well known database components. In the new version you’ll get drivers for Oracle 9i, SQLite 2.8, MySQL 4.1, PostgreSQL 7.4, most wanted Midas/DataSnap IProviderSupport interface and many other features and bug fixes.

Version 6.5.1 is an alpha release and intended to present the development progress to our users. Although it passed tests it is _not_ recommended for production environment yet. You may use it on your own risk. Your reports about bugs and problems found in this version we’ll address in timely manner.

Thanks for your support,
The ZeosLib Development Team

New features:

  • Added database error codes to rethrown exceptions in dataset.
  • Added support for cidr, inet and macaddr column types into PostgreSQL driver.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Bug#1021705 Numeric values overflow
  • Fixed Bug#1034795 Metadata don’t filter the table type
  • Fixed Bug#993352 problem with TZInterbase6DatabaseMetadata.GetTables table type SYSTEM TABLE
  • Fixed Bug#991069 Creation of a DB and FKs in Firebird
  • Fixed Bug#985629 Locate and Lookup don’t find float fields.
  • Fixed Bug#993981 MySQL and PostgreSQL drivers do not process float values if decimal separator other then “.”.
  • Fixed Bug#995080 “List Index Out of Bounds” exception in Dataset.UpdateStatus on empty resultset.
  • Fixed Bug#999658 Truncation of BigDecimal fields. Thanks to Kestutis Laurinavicius.
  • Fixed Bug#1000534. SQL Parser error when “join … on” clause contains functions with parameters.
  • Fixed Bug#1004534 Access Violation when RecNo is called on closed Dataset.
  • Fixed Bug#1045286 Method IsNull returns incorrect result for fields containing “” characters.
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