ZeosDBO 6.5.0-alpha released

ZeosDBO 6.5 continues 6.x branch by adding new valuable functionality into well known database components. In the new version you’ll get drivers for Oracle 9i, SQLite 2.8, MySQL 4.1, PostgreSQL 7.4, most wanted Midas/DataSnap IProviderSupport interface and many other features and bug fixes.

Version 6.5.0 is an alpha release and intended to present the development progress to our users. Although it passed tests it is _not_ recommended for production environment yet. You may use it on your own risk. Your reports about bugs and problems found in this version we’ll address in timely manner.

Thanks for your support,
The ZeosLib Development Team

New features:

* Added implementation of IProviderSupport interface.
* Added MySQL 4.1 driver.
* Added PostgreSQL 7.4 driver.
* Added Oracle 9i driver.
* Added doSmartOpen option to Dataset to allow executing DML statements by Open without throwing exception.
* Added support for SQL specific syntax in Query.SQL and UpdateSQL.
* Added SQLite 2.8 driver.
* Added depended compilation for drivers, included into TZConnection drivers list. Now users may select which drivers they want to use to decrease size of their applications. (See /src/Zeos.inc file for details)
* Added processing for query parameters with ftGraphic type. Thanks to Pavel Blahovec.
* Changed type for Dataset.ShowRecordTypes to TUpdateStatusSet.
* Added GetProtocolNames, GetCatalogNames, GetSchemaNames, GetTableNames, GetStoredProcNames methods into TZConnection component.
* Replaced RequestLive with ReadOnly property in TZTable component to make it more compatible with standard TTable.
* Added InTransaction property in TZConnection component.

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed Bug#981208 SELECT * FROM mydb.mytable is not updateable.
* Replaced thrown exception type in Datasets to EZDatabaseError custom class.
* Fixed Bug#966267 Fixed processing OnEditError, OnPostError, OnDeleteError events.
* Fixed memory leak in Statement.Execute. Now all Connections, Statements and ResultSets must be explicitely closed before desposing.
* Fixed Bug#959307 TZDBLibCallableStatement.Execute Empty parameter string sever translate as null value
* Fixed Bug#907497 TZDBLibCallableStatement.ExecutePrepared Return incorrect string values of stored procedure
* Fixed Bug#951881 TZFirebirdNativeLibraryLoader does not work with INTERBASE_CRYPT option
* Fixed #956613 TZInterbase6DatabaseMetadata.GetTables throws an error while reading metadata
* Fixed #947915 TZInterbase6CallableStatement.ExecuteUpdatePrepared does not raise exception in Stored Procedure
* Fixed #945251 TZAbstractDatabaseMetadata.GetTableTypes always returns “TABLE” as result, but never “VIEW” or “SYSTEM TABLE”.
* Fixed Bug#914057 ZSQLMonitor.SaveToFile does not use FileName.
* Fixed Bug #914436 Text fields with specified character set are not recognized in MySQL driver.
* Fixed Bug #914369 Fixed memory leaks in Interbase driver
* Fixed Bug#912220 PostgreSQL driver doesn’t read oid blobs.
* Fixed Bug#909181 do not sets fields to null
* Fixed Bug #914436 Bug several MySQL TEXT Fields are not correct identified
* Fixed Bug #919395 Memory leak in TZExpressionParser.TokenizeExpression. Thanks to mocarts.
* Fixed Bug #919401 When dataset is in Edit mode function UpdatesPending always returns true does matter were changes made or not. Thanks to mocarts.
* Fixed Bug #924861 Memory leak, when client cannot connect to server
* Refactored ZDBC metadata classes.
* Fixed processing of Int64 values in Dataset.Refresh.
* Fixed Bug #933623 ‘current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block.’ error in postgresql when previous statement in transaction fails. Now if autocommit mode is set components automatically rollback failed statements. In manual commit mode developer should explicitely call Connection.Rollback.
* Fixed Bug #824786 TZMetadata shows PostgreSQL 7.4 system tables from ‘information_schema’ as regular tables.
* Fixed duplicated AfterScroll event in Query.Locate and Query.FindRecord methods.
* Fixed Bug#948940 Random “Can not update this query type” error in PostgreSQL driver. Thanks to Sergio Freue.
* Fixed Bug#957126 Incorrect processing of empty strings in default values in MySQL driver. Thanks to Alex/ghost3k.

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