Patch #1 for ZeosDBO 6.1.5

There is a patch for 6.1.5 available in the Download section. Please apply the patch to the 6.1.5 source and recompile.

This patch addresses the following problems:

  • Fixed Bug#985629 Locate and Lookup don’t find float fields.
  • Fixed Bug#988462 Query.RowsAffected returns 0 for some databases.
  • Fixed Bug#966267 Fixed processing OnEditError, OnPostError, OnDeleteError events.
  • Fixed Bug#957126 Incorrect processing of empty strings in default values in MySQL driver. Thanks to Alex/ghost3k.
  • Fixed Bug#981208 SELECT * FROM mydb.mytable is not updateable.

The installation procedure is simple: unzip the patch archive in zeosdbo installation directory, then recompile and reinstall the components.

Thanks for you continuing support,
The ZeosLib Development Team.

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