ZeosLib Products

We offer high quality open-source products for database applications development and administration. You can use open-source SQL servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird) as well as major commercial brands (InterBase, MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle and DB2).

All of the software is distributed under Lesser Gnu Public License (LGPL), so you may use it even for commercial applications free of charge.

New ZeosLib product line:

Zeos Database Objects, version 6.0
Did you ever dream about a single collection of native components that acts the same way, regardless whether you use database system A or database system B, regardless whether your development platform is Microsoft Windows or Linux?

Here you are! ZeosDBO is a library for cross platform development under Delphi, Kylix and C++ Builder, that gives you the power of high-performance native database access and simple deployment. ZeosLib controls are optimized and fully integrated with the specific compiler environments. Since the components compile directly into your applications there’s nothing extra to distribute and install. The only additional piece of software you may have to install on the client side is the database system’s API – usually only one or two DLL files that must be copied. That’s it! Best of all, ZeosLib’s complete source code is included so you can see exactly how it works.

Obsolete and unsupported ZeosLib products:

Zeos Database Objects, version 5.4
Zeos Controls, version 1.1
Zeos Database Explorer, version 1.1
Zeos Database Designer, version 1.0
We’re actually concentrating development on our new product line, starting with the core library Zeos Database Objects. After the final release of ZeosDBO V6.0, we’ll start development of additional products from scratch, based on the new ZeosDBO. As we can tell from now, Zeos Controls and Zeos Database Explorer are probable candidates to reappear in the near future and maybe also Zeos Database Designer, but discussion on this topic hasn’t finished yet.

What do you think about these tools? Which one would you like to see as a regular product? We do appreciate your comments!