There are so many possibilities when it comes to a device that would let you project a screen on to any flat and white surface. A video project gives us more control of the screen size and locations on where to use it rather than a conventional way of watching videos and television broadcast from a TV. It is much lighter and takes smaller space, and more practical in general than a TV. You will not have to deal with mounting the TV to the wall, having a TV table, and paying a lot of money to have a big screen with a good resolution. If you are still not convinced to try and have fun with a video projector, here are four ideas on what to do with it.

TV and Movies

e32r3gerOf course, the most common way to enjoy a projector is to have a movie night and make your own mini cinemas. A projector can let you enjoy a TV show or a movie in places and areas that you would be more interesting than a living room. For example, set up a projection screen outdoor and you can experience movie night differently without having to spend too much money. If you want to try this out without buying one, simply rent a video projector because you don’t have to purchase it to use it. Renting a projector can actually give you more options to try out different types of each event and occasions.

Use it for your business

34gggde3A projector for your business will save money, space, and make the place look more modern. Doing presentations is not the only way you can incorporate and use a projector in your business because if you own a restaurant or a store, you can use it to display your menu, video advertisement, or an interactive video camera that plays whatever it is you wish to show. Be creative with it!

Cool Wallpaper

c3rc3eqAnother way that you can use a projector is to make a wallpaper for your wall with minimum effort in decorations. This move you will make the wall look very cool and futuristic. You can use it in parties that you have at home, any events that need decorations, or maybe use a particular projector and have it permanently as a wallpaper of one of your space wherever that might be. Your wallpaper will be unique and unlimited to be a living wallpaper with animations and videos.