In this modern times, it is important for one to be technologically savvy. One of this is having an online presence for your business, brand or company. This is because studies show that eighty percent of clients who search for products or services begin by looking for information online before as they plan to make a decision. This shows that one needs to have a proper website set up that will provide the relevant information and reach the audience that it requires. If you are looking to design and create a website, below are some tips.

Designing a website

Make it simple


Keep the site simple and easy to read. Check on the use of fonts, color and animation, avoid using too many and have a balance. This will help keep one focused on getting the information they need and not distract them. Use short paragraphs and bullet points for your content to be easily readable. Likewise, organize the pages well have a balance in the visual elements like videos, audio content and pictures and the written content on the website. This will allow the guest to be able to retain information better.

Mobile friendly

It is a fact that more people are using their mobile phones to search online and get information about goods and services. One needs to ensure that they design and tailor make their website to be mobile friendly. Otherwise, they will lose a substantial number of clients for they are not able to get the needed information.

Easy to navigate

A visitor should be able to easily and quickly navigate from one page to another. There should be a clear way to get back to the landing home page. A search may lead a guest to a different page on the website and it would be good for them to get back to where they would like to.

Have accurate information

It is essential that one has the correct information. Inaccurate information can turn away potential clients. Ensure to have the specific and details that a guest will be looking for. Whether it is a product, contact information or simple grammatical errors. Proofread the content before posting and ensure to recheck once posted to see how it looks like.

Easily discoverable

Ensure to have a domain name that will be able to direct people and give them information about your business, brand or company. The pages should also be easy to load content for one to read.