A Guide to Web Caches

Web cache can be compared to a personal address book. In any phonebook, all your contact numbers are listed. To gain quicker access, one must maintain a list of numbers they can frequently contact. When studying computer science, the amount of data emitted is reduced by caching. An excellent example of a caching system is your computer RAM.


Web caches are stationed between a client’s browser and their web server. The web caches can save copies of resources such as scripts, as they pass on. Anytime client requests for these resources, the web cache can provide it rather than having to forward the request to the original web server. On a side note, as you may already know, internet users can utilize google history clean internet explorer if they wish to clean their caches.


How can One Make the Most of Caching?

It is quite impossible to avoid caching so you might as well just make the most of it. Many might ask themselves whether it is worth the effort. First, remember that HTML tags are not as effective as most imagine them to be. Additionally, the Pragma HTTP headers work poorly too.

How Useful are Web Caches?

Misunderstood web caches can be disenfranchising to web programmers. This is why it is vital for web programmers to understand the importance of web caches fully. The main reason for using web caches is to Reduce latency. Intermediate caches, which are closer to your clients than from the servers, can save a great deal of content. They will take much less time to reach clients. This makes such websites more responsive. To reduce network traffic, several resources can be used without the need to obtain information from the servers. Caching will reduce the amount of bandwidth that is consumed by each client. There are three primary levels of cache.

Web Browser Cache

INTERNET 2The first cache layer is your web browser. Every time you open up a new page, a trail of the resources form that web page is recorded on your hard drive. Anytime that resource is requested within the same browsing session, in a few seconds the browser will have sourced out the local copy. The cache is preferred when the user selects the back button. Similarly, when using a similar header graphic on each page, it gets downloaded resulting in quicker page-load times.

Proxy Cache

The proxy cache operates similarly to the browser cache. The primary distinction is the fact that proxy caches are communally shared to many clients. This means when thousands of browsers load a site while you are still in session, their requests do not have to be sent to the web browser. Instead, their requests are serviced by the proxy server. One can modify the proxy settings on the preferences tab of the browsers. Otherwise, it is automatically set by the underlying network intermediaries.


Similar to intermediaries, the gateway caches are not deployed through network administrators. Instead, they are managed by webmasters who would like to scale their sites to increase their reliability.…

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computer game

How to find an affordable gaming computer build

Are you looking for a gaming computer build on a budget? Although there are those that may cost you a fortune, you also need to know that you do not always have to spend too much. You may be surprised to learn that among the varieties that are available in the stores, it is possible to find a build that is almost less than a half the price of some of the other options. The only thing that you need to do is to understand how to identify them. When you look at your friends that love computer games, you will notice that not all of them spend too much. However, you have to be warned that the fact that you are looking for a gaming computer build on a budget does not mean that you should agree to go for anything that comes your way. It is still important to make sure that you have a quality machine.

Know your budget

First, you should determine the amount of money that you are able to spend on a computer. You wcostill have to come up with a definite figure because it is what will determine where to start your search. Of course, you may have to top it up or get some change at a later stage, but things will be easy when you initially know the definite amount of money that you can allocate to this. Even when buying from bargaining stores, they will ask you about the amount you have first, then you can proceed with the bargaining from there.


Choose a supplier

Once you have a budget, the next thing is to search for a supplier. It is now easier because you know the price range that you will be working on. When they give you a list of the gaming computer builds in their store, you can easily go through it to establish if they have one that is within your budget. This will help you to save a lot of time and energy because if they do not have it, you simply have to move to the next seller.

Buy online

shoppingThe best way to search for suppliers of affordable gaming computers is by searching online. With your budget, just search for computer builds that are worth that amount, and you will get a lot of offers. This means that you have already separated the expensive computers from the affordable one and therefore, you only have to focus on the ones that you can pay for. Go through each one of them to find out the features of those computers, and if the sellers can supply in your area.

As you can see, finding a good gaming computer build on a budget is not as difficult as many people think. You only need the patience to go through all these steps. What is, even more, is that you may end up getting one that is lower than the amount you had in your budget.…

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Discover audio video software

Music feeds the soul. Therefore, it should be played throughout the day. However, when you are learning, writing or doing anything that takes most of your concentration you should never listen to your music. Some different types of music can make you joyous or sad. That is why it is advisable to know the best music to listen to and the resources to use. Most people prefer using the internet when they want to listen to their favorite music.

The internet has been preferred as the best source because it most of the musicians or artist has shifted to digital forms of technology. However, there is one problem that is encountered. You cannot be able to burn your music to a cd unless you are online. Therefore, you need to know the best audio converter to consider. Also, there is much audio-video software you need to know if you like making your movies. Here are some of the benefits of audio video software.

Edit audio content

poiuytrdesdfghjkIt is important to know that audio video software is a versatile program. This, therefore, will allow you to do anything you need to do with either video or audio or a combination of these two. It is essential to note that the possibilities are endless. Therefore, with audio-video software, you can get everything you need just in one package.

Extract audio from video files

This is another reason why you should consider using audio video software. This is because you will be able to audio videos or files from video files. Also, you should never be worried how to get this software. You may decide to download it for free. All you need to do is to follow the given instructions and steps.

Insert audio files

If you want to insert more files to your cd, then use audio video software. It will enable you to add more audio files. Therefore, if you are ready, it is essential to consider this software. There are many benefits you are likely to receive, and therefore they will end up meeting your requirements or needs.

Burn and rip CDslihkujytresdfghjbk

If you want to burn CDs, this is one of the best software you are recommended to use. There are some of the aspects you need to consider when choosing your software. Make sure that you get the right audio converter – latest version – here and you can influence an expert if you are not sure of your decisions.…

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What can you do with a video projector

There are so many possibilities when it comes to a device that would let you project a screen on to any flat and white surface. A video project gives us more control of the screen size and locations on where to use it rather than a conventional way of watching videos and television broadcast from a TV. It is much lighter and takes smaller space, and more practical in general than a TV. You will not have to deal with mounting the TV to the wall, having a TV table, and paying a lot of money to have a big screen with a good resolution. If you are still not convinced to try and have fun with a video projector, here are four ideas on what to do with it.

TV and Movies

e32r3gerOf course, the most common way to enjoy a projector is to have a movie night and make your own mini cinemas. A projector can let you enjoy a TV show or a movie in places and areas that you would be more interesting than a living room. For example, set up a projection screen outdoor and you can experience movie night differently without having to spend too much money. If you want to try this out without buying one, simply rent a video projector because you don’t have to purchase it to use it. Renting a projector can actually give you more options to try out different types of each event and occasions.

Use it for your business

34gggde3A projector for your business will save money, space, and make the place look more modern. Doing presentations is not the only way you can incorporate and use a projector in your business because if you own a restaurant or a store, you can use it to display your menu, video advertisement, or an interactive video camera that plays whatever it is you wish to show. Be creative with it!

Cool Wallpaper

c3rc3eqAnother way that you can use a projector is to make a wallpaper for your wall with minimum effort in decorations. This move you will make the wall look very cool and futuristic. You can use it in parties that you have at home, any events that need decorations, or maybe use a particular projector and have it permanently as a wallpaper of one of your space wherever that might be. Your wallpaper will be unique and unlimited to be a living wallpaper with animations and videos.…

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What to look for when buying a laptop

There are many different types of laptops that will range in price. With such a wide variety it may be challenging for one to purchase a laptop. They may wonder which laptop would best suit their need. What then does one look for when purchasing a laptop? Are there features that one needs to be aware of? Below is a guide to what to look for when buying a laptop.

Buying a laptop


Consider the use

What does one intend to use the laptop for? Are you a student that need the laptop to study and do assignments? Are you a business man and need a device to store information and data for the business? Do you own a studio and need to store music and beat for various recordings? One needs to establish what their need is to determine the kind of laptop to buy. The use can be light use, to average use and demanding use. Depending on the use one will require a computer that has better and faster features to help in accomplishing tasks.

Size and portability

Another aspect to consider is the size of the laptop. One needs a device that will be easy to carry and move around with. Different factors will affect the size and weight of the laptop. This will include the inbuilt features like CD/DVD or blue ray drives, inbuilt storage devices and screen size. The function of the laptop will help determine what inbuilt features you need.

The operating system

This is the heart of the laptop and manages the software and hardware that includes the memory, files and connected devices. The operating system allows one to interact with their laptop and programs in a visual way. The types of operating system available include the OS X installed on Mac computers, Windows and Chrome OS.

Screen type

Another feature to consider is the screen type. What size of laptop screen does one require? The sizes range from 11 to 17 inches. Large screens are good for viewing documents side by side, editing videos and photos, gaming or watching movies. Remember the bigger the screen, the more the possibility of overall size increase, weight and power use of the laptop.

One should also consider the resolution of the screen. With a high resolution, the picture quality will be better. The screen resolutions will range and are measured in pixels, horizontal x vertical. Another aspect of the screen is whether one is looking for a touch-screen or a standard screen to work with and easy of work.

Laptops specs – specifications

This includes the central processing unit – CPU or processor which is the brains of the laptop and runs the operating system and applications that are used in the gadget. The speedier the CPU, the faster programs will run. The random-access memory or RAM is essential for it aids the processor to handle multiple tasks at once. The RAM can range between 2GB to 32GB all depending on the type of work one does. Most laptops have 4GB to 8GB. The storage or hard-drive space of the laptop is also an important spec feature. This will range in capacity.

The battery life

dkjdskjddkjdkjdkjManufacturers claim that the battery life of a laptop can last from a few hours like 6 to 12 hours or more. This all depends on the kind of work one is engaged in, the resolution of the screen, the processing power, how fast the hard drive is and other optical drives for they will drain the battery faster.…

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Tips for finding a mobile phone repair service

Mobile phone use has become very popular in recent times. Most individuals own this gadget to help them with communication whether it is personal or business. However, with constant use, the gadgets may break down and need to be repaired. If this does happen to you, it is essential that one looks for a reliable mobile repair shop to service and fix the phone. Below are some tips to finding a mobile repair shop service.

Finding a mobile phone repair service

Where to search


To begin with, one can talk to people who have ever taken their mobile phones for repair. Such people will be a good source of information and recommendation of the shop they went to repair their phone. They will be able to share their experience and direct you on whether to visit the shop or continue the search of another place. One can also do an online search of mobile repair shops within their area. One needs to do research and background checks on this service before talking their phone for repair.


One needs to check on the reputation of the repair shop. What do past clients have to say about the services that they received from the attendant? Was the issue identified and the phone repaired? Positive reviews are a good indication of quality services to be provided. Likewise, good customer service will bring clients back for the service and is an indication of professionalism.


Looking at the experience of the service is also essential. How long have they been in operation and what model of phones do they repair. This will help you know if the service is well equipped to fix your phone. They need to have qualified staff who have an understanding of the phone you use. Secondly, look for service shops that are affiliated with the brand of phone that you use. Are they certified dealers who can provide repairs for your phone? This is a guarantee that one will receive excellent service and they are experienced.


xhdjdshjdhjdhshdCost is an essential factor. It is important to weigh the cost of repairing the mobile phone. If the cost will be the same as purchasing a new phone then maybe one should not be fixing their phone. Look for a shop that will give you a reasonable cost for repairing the mobile phone. Ensure to get an estimate of the cost expected before making a decision.…

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Zeos Library Project Site

Welcome to Zeos Library Project Site

We are glad to welcome you on our information resource page, where you can find out what’s new and which new versions of our tools have been released.

ZeosLib is an Open Source project supporting application developers with technologies for high-performance native database access across different platforms. With our tools you get rid of slow and/or difficult to deploy database drivers. All of the software is distributed under the Lesser Gnu Public License (LGPL), so you may use it free of charge even for commercial applications.

Currently you can use our tools with the following compilers and database systems:
Delphi, Kylix, C++ Builder
Firebird, InterBase, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL
IBM DB2 and Oracle (will be released soon)
You will find detailed information on the products page.…

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